Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things To Say To Bullies

Dr. Phil teams up with American Girl author, Patti Criswell, to tackle the most important issues facing young ladies.


She gives examples of how young ladies can stand up to bullies. “There are
so many options. You can look at [bullies] and you could say, ‘That doesn’t
even make sense.’ You could say, ‘What are you doing?’ I like the one-word
technique, because sometimes girls get anxious when they try to stand up for
others. So think of one word you could say that could shut a bully down without
getting you in trouble ... You look at them very confused and say, ‘What?”
Or very bored and say, ‘Whatever.’ Or you could look at them and kind of nod and
say, ‘Wow.'"

“You want to rehearse these things,” Dr. Phil tells Miah. “Practice
it in the mirror. Practice it with your mom.”