Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Deal

They were willing to make some change to the major icky things, but didn't want to have to incur lawyer's fees to do so. (I was willing to take on 50% of the fee.) They said they had over 100 other people sign without issue.

I wonder whether or not I made mountains out of molehills. My lawyer, Mr. Miche and I all feel safer with me not signing. I don't think they were paying me enough anyway. I didn't stand to make a ton of cash from them overall, either.

Still ... icky.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Why does standing up for myself always feel icky?

I'm supposed to do some short-term occasional contract work starting this weekend. The company has recently changed names and all the paper needs to be signed again. They've added a new document which raised some flags. I contacted a lawyer to review the doc. Lawyer said not to sign any of the docs as is and one needs a major overhaul.

Now I'm waiting to hear of the company even wants to consider these changes. And I'm going to ask if they'll split some of the legal fees or have me work without a contract. Or even if they still want me to come in on the weekend.

All I feel now is icky.