Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Other Mom

Dear Other Mom,

I know you have all sorts of fancy-pants education related to childhood. I know you have a really big heart and mean to help. But between you and me, I really resent it when you try and parent my kid.

Yeah, my kid doesn't always interact with your kid in the way that you think is appropriate. Newsflash. Your kid doesn't always interact with mine in a way I think is appropriate.

Is my kid perfect? Far from it. Are there areas we're working on? Actively. Ongoing. And we're slowly making progress.

Are you making progress with your kid's issues?

Leave me and my kid alone!

Fed Up

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today I Am Grateful

That wM and I can walk to a nearby vendor to buy organic fruit and veggies.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hats Off To Mothers Who Work Outside Of The Home

I had the good fortune to have an opportunity to get paid to do something I enjoy( outside of the home) for a few days. It was nice. Nice to earn a few extra dollars. Nice to feel like I'm contributing to society. Nice to be out of the house. By the time evening rolled around, I wasn't nearly as mentally or physically exhausted as I normally am. When I came home at the end of each day, I had infinitely more patience for wM than a typical day. For the first couple of days, it was lovely.

By the end of the third consecutive day, however, the 3 hour (1.5h each way) commute on public transit was starting to wear me down. Spending my lunch hour among people who shared very few common interests made me feel a little sad.

My heart, and my body apparently, belong in the home. Looking after wM. And even though the hours are long and the pay is lousy it's the best job in the world for me right now.

Hats off to all you moms out there who don't have the choice and are working outside of the home. I don't know how you manage to cram all the family stuff in, during the precious little time you have at the end of your work day. (Not to mention the running of the household, groceries, laundry and appointments.) Be sure to give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Question Of Worth

So here's my dilemna.

The acting gig, as stated, was for the function of an actor. (No surprise there.)

When I arrived on location, however, they decided that based on my educational background I would be doing things in addition to the acting, that they would normally have hired someone at a higher rate to do.


How to ask for a raise. How to scale the pay. (I haven't done work in line with my education for many, many years and am somewhat rusty.) How to negotiate.

To do the above well, I need to believe in myself. To believe in my own worth.

The real question then, is do I?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

They Must Be Reading My Blog

Because my character's surname was Damon.