Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Just plain grouchy

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KLee said...

She was definitely in the wrong there. If it was the only space left in the lot, waiting around for it would make sense. And, once you told her that you were trying to fasten your child into her car seat, she should not have been ugly. I would have told her -- "There are several other spaces available if you are in a hurry. I won't put my child in jeopardy so that you can park more quickly. My child's safety is a little more important than that."

Want me to come up there and kneecap her for you? :)

CL said...

You're feeling crappy because you would have thought that another mother would appreciate what you are doing and give you the time and space to get it done without the added irritation of her hovering.

This is similarly annoying when people who park their family vehicles VOID of any kids park in the designated family spots. Clearly, if you're a parent driving a family car WITHOUT kids in it, that designated spot is meant for you....logical, right? Blah.

PS I'm just as grouchy. Sorry to take up your space to grouch it out!

Miche said...

KLee: I'd absolutely take you up on your offer to come and teach her a lesson! ('cause then we'd get to have a nice lunch after!) Standing my ground is something that I'm getting better at, but by no means good at.

CL: No worries. Grouch away. Those people irk me too!