Friday, May 2, 2008

I feel so dirty

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Anonymous said...

Must have been the same guy that came to my house. He said, and I quote his exact words "what? you haven't taken care of it yet? most people already took care of it". He basically implied I had neglected to take care of something important and it was now up to him to ensure I do the right thing.

I asked him if the handwritten sign "no soliciting" on my door meant anything to him and he said he wasn't soliciting. He also "needed" to see my bill. Insisted. With me standing there chewing lunch, two small children hanging off me, dog barking like a maniac, implying that I did something wrong for not having taken care of "it" yet, whatever "it" meant.

The topper however was that when I told him if he didn't leave my property I would call the police and report him for trespassing, he said "they'll just send someone else", meaning his company. I was so upset that he invaded us like that, putting the pressure on like that, and I wondered if he was going to force my elderly neighbour and make her sign something while confused about "not taking care of it".

I recommend you contact the company directly. I did, through the website, because I cannot bear to speak with these people. I complained in writing and told them to never send another employee to my door to solicit for anything. That if I was interested in anythihng they had to offer me, I would find them at my convenience. And I won't, not after this experience.

They responded that they would try to keep them from contacting me again but could not guarantee it, and added some company propoganda.

Now....if there's a knock on the door and I don't recognize the person, I don't even bother opening the door. Ridiculous.

Re telemarketers - hand the phone to weeMiche. I saw my neighbour pass a 1-866 number to her 2 year old and he laid in on them in his native babygibberish. Quite funny!

Miche said...

Javaline: thanks so much for your comment! Indeed. It sounds like exactly the same guy. I got "60-70% of people already have this taken care of!" I felt exactly like I had neglected to take care of something important.

He seemed like such a nice guy. Apparently I'm a lousy judge of character! *sigh* It would be so easy for them to prey on the elderly. Heck, I'm reasonably well educated and he had my head in a spin!

The persistence of their sales people definitely feels invasive. They just don't leave. (And because I had weeMiche hanging off of me, I was reluctant to slam doors or model any other behaviour I'd have to spend the next 6 months undoing.)

Good advice about this company and the telemarketers! Too funny!

DaniGirl said...

Ugh, how annoying! I'm having trouble with The Weed Man. Bad enough they keep calling even after I told them I do my own lawn care (with less and less courtesy each subsequent time), but I hit the roof when they rang the doorbell with my "free estimate". I had been nursing Lucas at the time, and would have ignored the phone but figured anyone coming to the door must be important. Gah!!