Friday, June 6, 2008

The Class Photo

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Tuxedo said...

Smiling, looking away: Kid has better things to do than pose for photographer, and knows it.

Grumpy, makes eye contact with camera: Kid thinks class photos are BS, isn't shy about letting photographer, parents, future photo-viewers know.

S'all good. :)

Marla said...

C. Absent, so I don't feel guilty about not wanting one. Seriously - so I can look back and say "Oh, there's N, who gave her nighmares for months because he hit and said nasty things until he got a social worker?" and "There's B., the manipulative little mean girl who so cruelly refused the picture with purple hearts that Josie drew for her"? It won't capture anything other than one staged moment.

Miche said...

tuxedo: I can always count on you to find the bright side to life!

Marla: Ohhhh... that sounds like a horrible class for Josie. Sorry to hear. Sounds like you made a good decision.