Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School starts next week!

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Anonymous said... this a good Gaaaahhh or a bad Gaaahhh??

Ours is heading back to Montessori for preschool, part time, in the morning. I'm partly glad that he's going and partly sad bec really, he is a GREAT source of entertainment for the baby...

Tuxedo said...

I bet you were gettin' good and used to not having to care about the Eternal September, weren't you?

Miche said...

javaline: It's a "I spent the summer thinking weeMiche was going to be in afternoon classes and now I find out that school for her will start before 8:30am!" (Good and bad ... mostly good, but I'm hyperventilating about the start time.)

I'm sure baby will miss big brother!!

Tuxedo: you know it!