Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things That Make Me Anxious

In no particular order:

  • bed bugs (in places like transit, libraries, schools, restaurants, movie theatres)

  • the invasion of clutter that seems to be winning

  • thinking of parting with wM's baby things

  • making joint decisions involving large sums of monies to do things I'm not sure I want to do (I'm not sure I don't, I'm just not sure I do)

  • inability to keep up correspondence with friends

  • my inability to generate meaningful income (secondary to lack of marketing skills)

  • thinking about the future a smart (but less than motivated) 20 yo I know that hasn't finished high-school, had a job or done any volunteer work

  • aging family members

  • parenting

That feels better. Now if I can just keep them out of my brain and leave them in this post.


Anonymous said...

# the invasion of clutter that seems to be winning
Well we can do one of 2 things: embrace the clutter, or get rid of it. I jump back and forth on this topic so many times I feel like I'm a mental case. Not sure if anyone is winning the clutter-battle, but knowing you are not alone is helpful, no?

# thinking of parting with wM's baby things
I had IMMENSE trouble with that when Benjamin, the first one, was getting older. After we had the second one who was a girl, the stuff I accumulated because I couldn't part with it started to irritate me, more and more, over the years. But here's the thing...Over time, I became less attached to some of those items and I started to pick the people I wanted to give the stuff to (rather than just donate it). I remember the huge big round babyseat thing (what are those called again? they stand in it?) was such a space waster I finally picked a sunny day and left it out on the curb. When I saw a car drive off with it (clearly a parent of an infant took it) I was devastated. I wasn't ready to get rid of it, but as time went on I realized that a small child will benefit from it more than me tripping over it because of nostalgic reasons. What I'm saying in my rambling here Miche is that it is OK for you to keep the stuff around until you FEEL ready to let it go. Give yourself permission to think about it before you depart with it. It's ok, and sooner or later, you will make a decision that will be right for you at that time.

Miche said...

Javamom: I jump back and forth too, but not in a productive way. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!

I get that way too, I'll keep and keep and keep and then finally I can't stand it and then let it go. There has to be a better way!

I find it takes a lot of time and effort to get things to people you want to give them too. Strange how it's easier to give something to someone you know than to donate to the Salvation Army or Good Will.

Thanks for your kind and supportive words!