Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Deal

They were willing to make some change to the major icky things, but didn't want to have to incur lawyer's fees to do so. (I was willing to take on 50% of the fee.) They said they had over 100 other people sign without issue.

I wonder whether or not I made mountains out of molehills. My lawyer, Mr. Miche and I all feel safer with me not signing. I don't think they were paying me enough anyway. I didn't stand to make a ton of cash from them overall, either.

Still ... icky.


DaniGirl said...

The only person who really protects you -- is you. The only person you go to bed with every morning and wake up with -- is you. The person whose opinion matters most -- is you.

Money comes and goes, but you're stuck with you. Listening to your heart is always the right choice.

(now, repeat it back to me next time I'm having an existential crisis, ok?)

Miche said...

Thanks Dani! It's a nice reminder. Mr. Miche said the same thing to me. I'm the only one responsible for protecting me.

Sometimes it's hard to remember about the money thing. But that's also a very good reminder for me!

It helps that I remembered back in the day they hired me to do X and then immediately they assigned me to do X and Y without my prior agreement.

They didn't even offer to compensate for the additional responsibilities, I had to ask for that. And the pay increase wasn't even close to X + Y. I was letting them rip me off big time.

Trust their intentions? I don't think so.