Friday, July 22, 2011

Missing Gene

I'm missing a gene most other people have. It's the only possible explanation.

How else could it be that most other people can be so completely confident, even when they're wrong. How can they argue their position so vehemently? More importantly, why do I concede my position even when I know that I'm right?

Why do I walk around with this burden of multiple insecurities when so many people out there just approach life with the default position that they're right and competent. All. The. Time.

How do I get me some of that? (And as an aside, why do I let other people get to me so?)


Andrea said...

I'm the same way. Unless I've spent most of my adult life researching and learning about something (eg. climate change) I am *never* certain of anything.

I read a really good book about this a while back called On Being Certain: believing you're right even when you're not. It was eye-opening and very validating.

Miche said...

Andrea: Thanks for letting me know that I'm in good company! I'll have to look up that book.... sounds good!

Hope you're keeping cool!

Anonymous said...

My problem is that I always feel I have to justify my position. Why do I do that? It's kind of along the same lines...