Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Some time ago, I started to be more mindful of being grateful as a habit. Gradually, it required less conscious thought and became more of a default way of being. The small inconveniences of life seemed smaller. My overall outlook more sunny.

And then I forgot to make it a habit.

Recently, I woke up feeling like I deserved a "win" for a change. Feeling like I was owed a sign of good fortune, that things were going in the right direction.

And then I remembered....
  • I woke up that morning
  • My family members and I are healthy
  • I have a kitchen full of food
  • I have shelter
  • I have a community and people in that community care about me
  • I forgot to practise gratitude

So I'm going to try and commit to making at least one gratitude post a week here. Just to make sure I get it done.

Today I am grateful for all of the things I routinely take for granted.

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