Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Fun!

It seems I'm not the only one dealing with graduates from this particular School of Tech Support. Listen in on this fine graduate's work while he was employed at AOL. Have a read of the complete story here.


EA said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog while trying to figure how to do a "next post" link automatically. Can you tell me how you do it? Thanks!

Miche said...

I do them manually. That's right, every post I manually add previous and next post links, because Blogger doesn't yet have the functionality that Typepad and Wordpress seem to. Ugly, huh?

However, I did stumble upon this date navigation code that can be used with Blogger. It doesn't meet my needs, but it might meet yours.

EA said...

Blogger does have a way (sort-of) to do an automatic "previous post" on the individual post pages, but no "next post". I'm not sure if you can do the "previous post" automatically on the main page.