Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Don't you understand you're making this more difficult?

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Andrea said...

I love you, Miche.

I think most people would spend the rest of their lives in the "she was mean" position--which is true, she was--without considering their point of view or what they could learn from it.

Miche said...

Mmmm.... so much yet to learn.

The intellectual knowledge that life must be extra challenging having to educate the masses is one thing. I'm disappointed to admit that I didn't 'get' the visceral impact of the lesson until I had my own (albeit tiny) cross to bear.

Take aways:
1) Ask if people want help, before offering. And respect their wishes.
2) Be open-minded and respectful with those different than you in ANY way. They have their own challenges about which you may not be aware.
3) It is possible to be completely offensive even when you're intentions are 100% kind. Remember that when someone offends you -- for they may not be aware of your challenges either.