Wednesday, March 14, 2007

If you think it, will it come?

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tomama said...

Great post. I will send Matt Damon movie thoughts your way in case the collective thinking thing actually works!

Miche said...

Thanks Jen! I'll be sure to credit you when I accept my Oscar! (With thanks to T.O.Mama for helping me wish this role into existence!)

Meanwhile, I suppose I could focus my intentions on getting a good PAYING part! (For the record, in case the Matt Damon vibes are working ... I'd do that gig for free!)

Andrea said...

To me, the 'magic' of blogging isn't hte mental energy. Blogging is itself an active pursuit--we choose what to include, how to include it, which no doubt shapes what we remember and how. I think the effects of blogging on how we conduct our lives are more likely to be psychological--that is, that through the selves we present online, we influence our behaviour in real-life situations.

I wouldn't expect anything to happen if all I did was sit around and cast positive energy at the universe--and in fact, wicca's not too fond of this practice, either, and most wiccans will tell you that magic won't get you anything if you aren't also out there working your ass off.

Which goes beyond having a prepared mind, I think, and into having a prepared life.

Miche said...

Terrific points, as always, Andrea!

I had meant, but didn't explicitly state, for "mental energy" to encompass any thought, mood, behaviour or decision of the mind. Psychology included. I inferred from your post that the idea of always writing "I'm stupid" on my blog everyday would have an impact on the person I am in real-life. Thoughts that my mind was reinforcing would impact the reality of who I am.

In no way, did I mean to suggest that I think it's possible to become a millionaire or lose 50 pounds just by dreaming it to be so. From what I know about most of the references I cited, they pretty much all say that there's a large component of action that must be taken in order to have results. I like the term you use, having a "prepared life."

I think that the power of a lot of these books comes from the idea of changing one's mindset. Many people only know how to see themselves as a victim. Feeling that there are choices and steps one can take to improve one's circumstances can open up people to a lot of possibilities. Unfortunately, this is the case predominately for the already privileged.

That said, we're still going to make sure weeMiche gets all her immunizations, I'm going to continue with my physiotherapy and as time permits I'll continue to cast about for auditions and classes. But you can be sure that I'll be thinking positive thoughts along the way!