Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I've got a lot to learn

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CL said...

My husband once said something to me that I will never forgot.

One morning, when the little toddler joined us in bed and blissfully jumped and bounced around on his two favorite people in the world, we watched, in semi-slumber, the pure, absolute joy he expressed in his activity. He was so content, so happy, and so "in the moment" when Andrej made this remark:

"This is probably the happiest he will ever be in his life."

Benjamin has no real concept of the future, or the past, in the same terms as we do. All he knows is pure joy (or anger, or frustration, or pride).

Thank you for the lovely reminder. Next time my son is exasperating me, I will re-read your list.

Miche said...

CL: thanks for sharing that lovely family moment!