Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Disney quest

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Andrea said...

That should have been, "BUT I still plan to take Frances one day."

Miche said...

Thanks for the idea Andrea! And Seussland? I had no idea!

KLee said...

I'm a Disney fanatic -- sure, they're a hue marketing juggernaut, but it's a dream come true for kids.

The very first time we took Offspring, she was 18 months old. There was PLENTY that we could do with her, and she had a great time.

The thing about Disney World, both specifically DW, and Orlando in general, is that there is SO much to do there that there is something for everyone.

I like Disney because it's clean, it's well-constructed (you don't have to worry about rides falling apart, or things being generally run down), and they're very family friendly. They also have quite a bit solely for adults as well. This upcoming summer will make our tenth or eleventh trip (I can never remember) and there are always new things to do and things that we haven't managed to do in all of our time there.

My husband was very resistant to the idea of going to Disney World before we made our first trip because he thought he wouldn't enjoy it, but now I can't make him go anywhere else. I've been wanting to go on a Disney Cruise (if I could get over that pesky sea-sickness) and he won't do it because he loves the parks so much.

Go to www.disney.com. and take a look around. I think he'll be pleasantly surprised at the hotels and dining that Disney offers. I think he has the idea of a trumped up fair with carnival food as his idea of Disney, and while there IS that, there's SO much more.

Email me if you want any more info, or if I can help you with anything.

Miche said...

KLee, you just opened my eyes to something I never considered! I've been to WDW a couple of times so it never occurred to me that he might think of it as "a trumped up fair with carnival food." That could be very useful.

I'll be sure to call upon your expertise in the future!