Monday, May 21, 2007

Disney Underground

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KLee said...

Yeah, I've heard all about the Utilidors before. I think it's a pretty ingenious way to get people and cargo from place to place within MK without mucking up the ambiance.

There's a tour that you can take (IIRC, it's the "Keys to the Kingdom" tour -- WDW has quite a few, including a Segway early-morning tour around EPCOT, a swim with the dolphins one at the Living Seas at EPCOT, and several others) and as part of this tour, you get to go down in the Utilidors. Small children are not allowed, since you often see costumed characters, say Mickey, with no head. Freaks the little nippers right out. I think you have to be either 13 or 18 for that tour. Pretty neat. Of course, ALL those tours are VERY expensive. I think "Keys to the Kingdom" is $125 a person. The Segway one might even be more.

(I really want to do that one, and the Segway EPCOT one. Anybody got about $375 - $500 bucks they want to donate? :)

Miche said...

Wow. That's a lot of cash they charge for those tours... Who's got that kind of cash? *curious look*