Monday, November 19, 2007

New chairs

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Claudette said...

At my sister-in-law's for Xmas some years ago, another "ex"-sister-in-law who weighed much more than 200 pounds broke one of the chairs. In front of the entire family at the dinner table.

Her daughter was young (maybe 8 or 9) so no one made a big deal about it, but certainly since that event, certain chairs have remained out of sight whenever larger people pop by for a visit.

KLee said...

I guess I can't sit in the chairs at your house if I ever visit.

Being one of those people who would not be able to use those chairs, I would be completely mortified if you had to tell me not to sit in any particular place. Tucking them out of the way might be a better solution, and would avoid any potential embarrassment.

Miche said...

Claudette: that's exactly what I want to avoid!

KLee: thanks for your honest and direct input. That's the direction I was headed. Perhaps I'm not going to love these chairs as much as I thought! (And should I ever have the pleasure of having you visit, never fear... they ain't the only chairs we got!)