Saturday, March 8, 2008

What she said. What I heard.

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javaline said...

That is so unprofessional.

I read a book by Ann Lammott once, called Operating Instructions, (a dairy of her son's first year of life) and she said something that stuck to me and reminded me when I read this post. There was a male doctor who was "in charge" of her delivery and used the words "the baby is flat" when she was in labour. She immediately visualized "flat" to mean "dead", like in those heartbeat machines? But the doctor explained to her later that "flat" means something insignificant, like not ready or whatever (I can't remember exactly now). The point the author made though was that she thought a female doctor would never have made such a comment to a lady in labour.

Like you're technician. Saying words out loud without thinking, or considering the consequences.

Just plain dumb.

PS I hope all is well.

Andrea said...

My overactive imagination would hav ebeen saying the same things.

Good luck with it.

Miche said...

Thanks ladies. I hope to be able to post good news about this shortly!