Friday, December 31, 2010

A Bloggy Year In Review

[Filched from Dani at Postcards from the Mothership.]

The first sentence of the first post in each month this year. (And this year I'm actually doing the first sentence. Unlike in other years where I've misread the instructions and done post titles.)

2010 in bloggy review:

  1. It wouldn't be New Year's without the meme of review in the form of the first line of the first post of each month in 2009.
  2. By patching a pair of otherwise perfectly good jeans.
  3. That I wasn't on the highway when the engine broke on my old car.
  4. How to stop holding a grudge.
  5. Because my character's surname was Damon.
  6. Just because you drive an SUV and were running late, doesn't diminish my right to make a full stop at a stop sign to ensure my safety before I continued.
  7. The audition went well.
  8. It's been over 6 years since I've had more than 3 consecutive hours, child-free, in my own home.
  9. I am grateful for my most recent audition experience.
  10. While I'm pleased as punch when you offer me audition opportunities and short-term paid work contracts, I'm confused by your concomitant generosity with The Sick and especially The Laryngitis.
  11. That when I went to fill my car tires up with air, that I followed someone who hadn't used up all of their paid time and I got to fill them up for free!
  12. I've meant to get back here before now, really I have.


DaniGirl said...

I enjoyed this so much that I just read your entire year in archives all over again, patching in the holes that bloglines and my exasperated feed dumps missed. :)

Happy new year!!

Miche said...

Dani, so nice to see you swing by! I'm flattered that you'd go back through the archives for 2010!

Happy New Year to you and yours as well!