Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Buried By Life

How do other people get anything done?

The summer's more than half over and we've been sidetracked and waylaid at every turn!



Javamom said...

I don't know who gets anything done, but it sure isn't me! Sure, little things are getting done, but never when I actually want them done. The thing I tell myself is this: will the kids care if the kitchen walls are repainted? Will the kids notice whether the floor has been swept? Do the kids give two hoots whether they have to dig their clean clothes out of a laundry basket or a drawer? They don't remember, and although it bugs me, THEIR memories are important to me too. I'd rather they remember me taking them for a bike ride or swimming, or a picnic by the river, than be the ones to say 'my mom sorted and colour coordinated our socks and underwear' (lol, as if!).

just sayin'...you're not alone!


Miche said...

Javamom: thanks for letting me know that I'm good company. For the most part, I try to prioritize the same way you do. But sometimes it's just overwhelming the stuff that isn't getting done!

Oh well. Fodder for their memoirs when they grow older....