Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I am NOT a Freelance Writer

For those of you coming to visit after reading this ninepounddictator post and Googling "Rebecca Eckler," I'm not the Freelance Writer who did a Mother's Day column criticizing Rebecca for having a blog and also having a nanny. Here is the link you are looking for.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

did people think you were the freelance writer? what am i not understanding about that whole thing. the woman wrote the thing weeks ago and no one would have ever noticed if rebecca hadn't made such a huge deal out of it. and calling her fat? what was up with that?

Miche said...

Hi Anonymous. I hope that next time you'll feel comfortable enough to give us a name to call you by!

I had an awful lot of traffic from people thinking that perhaps one of my posts was the coveted Mother's Day post of question. I'd just thought I'd help them along by providing the link for which they were searching.