Thursday, May 4, 2006

The Mother of All Jobs

(I didn't title the article to which I'm referring, but I feel I should apologize to Ann Douglas anyway. Sorry Ann!) I know it's been done once or twice before, but I never get tired of reading articles like "The Mother of All Jobs."

The job: a full-time stay-at-home mother.

Massachusetts-based has calculated the pay scale for a non-working mother based on the tasks she performs every day.

They looked at the pay scales of 10 jobs that appear to be part of a mom’s day-to-day routine – including a janitor, a housekeeper, a daycare teacher, a cook, a laundry machine operator, a van driver, a CEO and even a psychologist – then averaged out what the typical matriarch should be making.

The amount: $148,462.37 (Cdn.), if someone was willing to pay her for all her hard work.

I love this part too: has a website where moms can plug in their circumstances (number of kids, their ages, time spent on certain chores, etc.) It will calculate how much those services would be worth if there was an official job title consisting of ‘full-time mom’, and even produce a printable document in the form of a paycheque.

Maybe I should print that off and and take it to the bank!

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