Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I could care less.

This isn't going to be a post about how much it drives me crazy when people use the phrase "I could care less" when they really mean that they couldn't care less. I really mean what the title says -- I could care less.

I care a lot. About everything. I was known in my place of employment as someone who had extraordinary attention to detail. I excelled at managing projects. Not because I was a good project manager, mind you. But because I cared so much about my work that I often picked-up the slack of others so things would some together in the end.

I worry too. Because I care. When tragedy befalls a friend, I try to find ways to help. And if I can't actually contribute something beneficial, I will often spend of a lot of mental energy brooding about the situation.

Let's not forget the time spend wondering if I offended the cashier at the grocery store. Or technical support on the telephone. Or the hours feeling put out because of an ill-thought out comment made by a complete stranger. Why do I care about what these people think? Why do I spend my energy on people who have likely completely forgotten about our little insignificant interaction through the day?

This takes a lot of energy.

Don't get me wrong. Caring is a good thing. It helps to make me a good friend, daughter, wife and mother. It's the glue that holds the human race together despite mankind's determination to do otherwise. But you can't care 100% about 100% of the things in your life. At least, I can't.

Not only could I care less, I should care less. Even if only as a matter of self-survival.


Beanie Baby said...

I hear you. (And that misuse of the phrase drives me nuts too.)

But you know something--I think it's part of the artistic impulse, to sound all high-falutin'. Every photographer, drawer, writer etc. I know really went above and beyond for Annika's campaign even when they had no idea who she was. So, on teh basis of this completely reliable and scientifically accurate survey (ahem), I'm going to say I think it's necessary.

Maybe not to that degree, but don't lose too much of it, ok?

I mean, how would I write fiction if I didn't care too much?

Miche said...

You have a good point there.

There's got to be a better way for me to balance the energy expenditure and the results.

Thanks for the supportive comments!