Friday, October 6, 2006

Friday Fun!

Try as I might, I can't locate the original post to which this image belongs. But I love it!

(With thanks to one of my professional lurkers for tipping me off.)


Beanie Baby said...

Too true.

By the way, you were right about your GreenHouse fix (did I email to tell you? I can't remember). Your fix looked beautiful in FireFox and not so hot in IE. It put it back to the way it was until I have more time to puddle over it, which ought to be in, oh I don't know ... a year? Thank you for the css, though; hopefully I can at least get a head start on fixing it when I have the time to look it over.

Miche said...

Mmmmm.... don't I know it.

Heh. I'll race you to fixing it! (I figure if I stop taking on new projects and just working on clearing off my plate, I should be done by.... well.... urm.... a couple of years?)

Who me? Over-extended? Why do you ask?