Monday, October 30, 2006

Why is it?

content deleted by author


Andrea said...

Oh no!

I hope it went well regardless.

crabbykate said...

ugh. I feel your pain. I had a good 'ole pimple come alive the night before the ARM conference.

Great meeting you in person, by the way!

Miche said...

Andrea, I think it went well. But I reserve judgement until it airs. (Have I mentioned that I hate waiting?)

CrabbyKate, welcome! I was so excited to meet you that I didn't even notice said blemish! (Even having read your post about it prior to meeting you!) Tremendous to meet you too!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, more fun with media! What was it for? Did I miss something? When will it air?

Miche said...

Dani, I'll send you a note as soon as I find out when it's going to air!