Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cookie tin etiquette

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DaniGirl said...


It would never occur to me to return the cookie tin, empty or otherwise. I would see it as part of the gift, and pass it forward to the next person I baked for (or, for tins that are particularly attractive, store something else in it like crayons or widgets or whatever.)

Now I wonder how many people are giving me the evil eye, wishing for the return of their tins?

Phantom Scribbler said...

Ooooo, I'm the same as Dani. The kids love playing with the cookie tins once they're empty. I never even thought to give them back! In fact, I sort of assumed that if I were to (theoretically, you understand) make a gift of homemade goods in return, I would have to put them in a different tin. Which is part of why I never do it. Where on earth does one buy cookie tins, anyway???

Miche said...

Aha! Just as I thought. I'm hanging on to forgotten traditions of years gone by.

I suspect I'll have to make a point of doing a combination of:
1) giving cookie tins I want to come back to people whom I know will give them back,
2) asking for the return of the tin in the case where I don't know what the person will do but where I want the tin back,
3) find myself a dollar store with attractive tins and stock up for give aways and
4) continue the foil plate and tin foil tradition.

Phantom, I've seen tins at dollar stores and Zellars (think K-Mart). I think I've seen them at nicer stores too -- with "nicer" prices, of course!

Andrea said...

YOu mean people have been robbing me of cookie tins for decades now?

The nerve!

I always figured the pretty tin was part of the gift, too--and I buy cookie tins especially as giveaways. Nice ones for people I really like. Cheapo ziploc ones for people I don't.

If you wanted to mark the tins to be returned, you could stamp them on the inside lid--"property of Miche; please return." But you're probably better off to use cheap tins or tuperwares instead.

Miche said...

Isn't that funny? I can still clearly remember being a young girl and having neighbours drop off a tin full of holiday treats. The ladies used to say "make sure that tin gets back to me, or they'll be no cookies for you next year!"

I wonder when things changed? Maybe when cookie tins dropped in price.

Phantom Scribbler said...

In my Italian neighborhood, growing up, the cookies always came on paper plates covered with plastic wrap or tin foil. We didn't know from cookie tins. That's probably why I am sadly ignorant of the etiquette.

I'll have to try and find some cookie tins for next year, though. Thanks for the tip!

Miche said...

Thanks for the input ladies. From now on, when I receive cookies in a tin, I will be sure to ask "would you like your tin back," lest I offend someone who intended to gift me with the tin as well as the conents!

Miche said...

Aha! I'm going to follow in the footsteps of one of my bestest IRL friends. She gives out cookies in a cookie tin and says "You're welcome to keep the tin. However, if you want more cookies next year, I'd like the tin back."

And then only use foil plates or less favoured tins for folks about whom I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

I find it rude to say it plainly but wasn't sure of the etiquette I'm glad I checked now I won't think it so cheap when I here someone ask for the tin (plastic) back