Monday, December 11, 2006

Random bullets of randomness

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Phantom Scribbler said...


I hope your funk doesn't stick around long, and you can find a way to chop those Stupendous Mountains back down to size.

Miche said...

Thanks Phantom! *appreciative smile* The solitaire to productivity ratio is improving -- that's always a good indicator. I'm lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people!

Marla said...

Been in a funk too.

As for Drunken Sailors? For those in my life (read: my parents), Steve and I decided to treat them like characters in the books of our lives. We couldn't possibly write them ourselves - they're too bizarre. So, when there's a call to react or to not react to something, Steve and I have learned to react as our own characters would react - and then we share the experience later and enjoy how bizarre it is.

That way, it doesn't feel real enough to matter. That, and you know, Effexor.

Miche said...

Great tip Marla! Maybe I'll get working on a "Drunken Sailors" screenplay. Than I can audition to play myself. I wonder if I'm "me" enough to get the part!

(I hope your funk clears sooner than later.)