Friday, September 12, 2008

Auditioning - Women's Shelter

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Marla said...

I don't think it would be a problem if she were older - or younger, but yesterday when I had to explain to Josie what the word "stepmother" meant after a movie (somehow she's missed out on that after all these years, though I think it's come up...I think she's at an age where she wants to understand more and is taking words out of context to understand them explicitly instead of glossing over things for the sake of larger picture) she immediately became troubled at the idea that mommies, or daddies, leave. While we have friends (ahem) where this has come up, it was the first time she transferred that thought to the potential for her own family. We've had some pretty exhaustive talks over the last day or two, and I can't take the big round eyes any more. Fucking Labyrinth.

So, because Miche is that wee bit younger, you might get away with it. But it is right around an age where grasps of things are still tenuous but stronger - and since you asked if it would upset my kid: it would. It would upset me. (And stop reading here if you like, since I answered your specific question - because I go on to give assvice.)

That said - not knowing much about acting, but knowing about how people can absorb parts of characters in books, and even just carrying parts of others from other media and blogs into themselves and have a hard time shaking it, I'd ask - why would you want to invite this into your life?

Because having been abused, I'd have to say it's a horrible thing to have to nail. And I would also suggest from experience and from subsequent studying that that battered and intimidated women do not identify with watching the media's portrayal of others - that the service part of it would be tenuous at best - unless the portrayal is showing women who are perfectly normal when you see them in public but go home to have their heads make dents in the drywall.

I know how much you want to act, but if it's a student production that won't have a wide distribution - I'd say it's not worth the chance, and not worth having in your life unless you too want to make this one of your causes. Me, I just donate to the Red Door shelter and Nellie's Place. As much as I can.

Miche said...

Marla, Marla, Marla. It's exactly for reasons like this, that I throw these questions out. I need to hear different perspectives -- and I certainly value yours. (And now I know to not let wM watch Labryinth yet too.)

Thank you for your concern about my well being as it pertains to possible after effects of an experience such as this. You raise many issue I hadn't fully evaluated. (I was thinking that this would be a good opportunity for me to release some of my demons but hadn't considered the possibility of making them worse.)

I don't think it's assvice at all. And I appreciate that you took the time to articulate it!

Marla said...

I couldn't find this when I wrote the previous comment - but, well: