Monday, January 3, 2011

Enjoyment In Lieu Of Resentment

It came into focus for me, over the break, that my mindset has a habit of embracing resentment. in lieu of embracing enjoyment. I'd rather resent that someone broke the "no gift" rule than enjoy the generosity they offered me. I'd rather resent the time demanded of me than enjoy the moment of the companionship.

Granted, in some of those cases it would take me considerable effort to find the enjoyment. (For example in the situation where one is not particularly fond of one's companion.) For the most part, however, there is some low hanging enjoyment that I am capable of grasping.

While I continue last year's jouney of letting go, I will add to the list the idea of letting go of resentment to make room for accepting enjoyment.


javaline said...

I revel in resentment. I focus on the crap instead of on the sunny side of things. I hold on to baggage and am therefore the bag Queen. My cup is always half empty.

So...we, you and I, will focus on the little happy things together and make an effort. It should be easier when one has small children since they are living in the present and are pretty much always happy. Like Sonja - she sings to her heart's content pretty much the entire day. So this is my tip: turn off the clutter and listen to the child. They will help us get there...

Miche said...

Small children are definitely good role models for both being joyful and being in the moment!

Let me know how the journey goes for you!