Saturday, April 15, 2006

Baby daze

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tomama said...

When I had one, two seemed daunting. Things are crazy but for the most part, it's a good crazy.

Miche said...

I think, that you may be a stronger person than I, by far!

Allison said...

"not cut out to be a mom if I only have the one" ... "half-mom to two"

You're probably at least partly joking, but these statements both seem unnecessarily harsh. I bet you're a great mom, and I bet you'll still be whether you have another baby or not.

I'm on my fourth (and final) pregnancy. I think (hope) I'm a whole mom to all of them, in the same way I'm as much of a whole wife as pre-kids, or whole person, pre-marriage. I hope it's not really a competition between me and all the other moms who are happy being a good parent to one or a good parent to ten.

Miche said...

Hi Allison and welcome!

You raise some terrific points. And yes, the statements do sound harsh. I must do something about that inner dialogue of mine!

I know many moms who are absolutely "whole moms" to each and every one of their kids. I think for me right now, if we were to have another, I'd need significantly more help than I've got available to me. I already feel like I'm stretched pretty thin. I worry that I'd snap in two with two diaper wearing children in the house!