Monday, April 10, 2006

Note to self: Streetproofing

I came across this some time ago. I want to remember it for when we start to streetproof weeMiche. Just in case I don't remember, I'm marking it here. That way you can read it and remind me about later, when I post about not knowing what to do to keep our little girl safe.

Guidelines for streetproofing your kids (shamelessly ripped-off from Andrea Gordon's blog):

Rules for kids have to be few and simple. The best ones I ever heard, adapted over the years for teenagers:

1) Never go anywhere with anyone without telling me or the adult in charge. For balky adolescents, you can approach it as a matter of courtesy - that family members need to know how to get in touch with each other.

2) If you get a funny feeling in your stomach, or something doesn't seem right, get away from a person or situation ASAP (or in the case of little kids, tell an adult they want to leave).

Those rules cover everybody - the "friendly neighbour" down the street, the uncle, the babysitter's boyfriend and, of course, strangers.

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