Saturday, February 3, 2007

A gift-card worth a million bucks

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Andrea said...

Scarily enough, I grew up w/ parents who had oodles of money, and I still internalized a fear of poverty b/c they so rarely spent it on anything frivolous (except when it was for my Mom).

I am looking forward to finding out what you got. :)

KLee said...

I, too, have a fear of the lack of money. I also stayed home with Offspring when she was small, and I devoted a lot of time to looking for bargains, same as you. I know from where you're speaking. Fear of not being able to make it is still a great part of my life, even though both JF and I are securely employed.

I love having gift cards -- I use them to buy all those things that I can never justify paying "actual" money for, since gift cards feel like "free" money to me. and gift cards for books are the best!

Miche said...

Andrea, it's always so interesting to see that "environment" isn't absolute in it's results! And the power of modelling behaviours for our offspring.

KLee, thanks for the reassurance that I'm not alone. Sometimes I feel like a complete freak!

Now to decide which frivolity is most important to me!