Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am so sick of this

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Andrea said...

Oh Miche, what a horrible situation. Will this teacher get Miche? Do you think he'll know her name or guess her parentage?

I'm so sorry.

KLee said...

Egads, what an awful situation! And it's not like moving is a viable option!

I would suggest, from having to deal with "delicate" intrapersonal relationships with school, that first -- don't worry about VTP's brother getting wM until it happens. It's still a ways away. (I know that doesn't help much....) If you are concerned about VTP cornering your child and saying hateful things like he/she has been known to in the past, tell the administration when you enroll wM. Let them know that you once had a very toxic relationship with the sibling of one of their teachers, and lay it all out for them like you did us. The worst the administration will think is that you are an overprotective parent. (And, it's better to warn them ahead of time than to let them be caught unawares.)

In the meantime, hope that VTP decides to move to Borneo. And maybe the brother is fully aware of the kind of person VTP is, and will only be a shelter for WeeMiche.

Miche said...

Thanks for the support everyone!

Andrea, whether he did or not, I suspect it would all come out in the wash at parent-teacher interview night.

KLee, thanks for the concrete advice. It helps to hear from someone "on the inside!" I'm hoping that the brother has integrity. However, I really like the idea about VTP moving to Borneo!

tomama said...

Oh man. Add "I am so happy and grateful now that VTP has moved to Borneo" to your daily affirmations. And seriously, do give the principal a heads up if it looks like there is any issue at all. There is no reason for a non parent like VTP to be on school property at any time, particularly one looking for trouble, so I'm sure they would ensure that wM was never exposed to her vitriole.

Miche said...

TOMama, thanks for your support! (and my smile for the day!)