Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A prescription I can follow

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tomama said...

Ooooh. You are inspiring me to get back into yoga. It is such a relaxing practice and I too have missed it (no medical reasons, just the devil kids getting in the way of my sun salutation).

Andrea said...


I tried yoga for the very first time yesterday. I wobbled a lot. My balance is awful.

Good luck!

Miche said...

TOMama: I hear you! It's hardly a relaxing practice when you're being used as a jungle gym at the same time.

Andrea: Good for you! I encourage you to stick with it for a few months before you decide whether or not you like it.

KLee said...

I never did yoga, but JF had a T'ai Chi workout that we both did for a while. Like Andrea, my balance is terrible. JF stuck with it much longer than I ever did.

DaniGirl said...

Good for you! I did yoga through and after my pregnancy with Tristan, and still do a lot of the poses just because the stretch feels sooooo good!

Miche said...

KLee: I've heard really good things about T'ai Chi, I gave it a go, but it never stuck on me. Glad that it works for you and JF though. I think both Yoga and T'ai Chi have moving meditation qualities to them -- good for mind, body and soul!

Dani: Nice to know I'm in good company!

Wow. Lookit all the comments. I guess I have to post pictures of Rodney Yee more often!