Sunday, April 29, 2007

This bright idea makes me sick

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Andrea said...

From what I've read, more mercury is produced in manufacturing one incandescent light than is contained in one CFL, so I think the mercury issue is a bit of a red herring.

That said--LED technology is coming along fast and furious, too. The ban won't take effect until 2012, and by then I wouldn't be surprised if there are LED lights that can be used in the same sockets, which are even more energy effecient than CFLs.

Miche said...

Andrea, that's an interesting point about more mercury being produced in making incandescents. Which gets my mind wandering about the lesser of these evils a) larger quantity of mercury produced, but (hopefully) appropriate disposal of mercury vs b) less mercury produced but potentially more improper disposal. You know, I shouldn't think about that too long... it could lock my little brain up for the rest of the week.

Mr. Miche is a huge supporter of LED lights too. Sarah mentioned that they still trigger her migraines. But I shouldn't rule something out until I've given them a test spin.

Thanks, as always for adding to my knowledge base!

Malnurtured Snay said...

Good stuff, I nearly ripped the shit out of my hand once throwing those fucking bulbs out.

Janet Whitehead said...

Ditto on getting sick from fluorescents. Yes, to hoarding incandescents.
Global Tv 16:9 did a report last night on the numerous issues of CFLs. go to

I started a blog that I hope gathers many comments and stories in an effort to ensure those of us afflicted by fluorescents aren't 'left in the dark.' I've just started the blog, but it includes letters and responses sent to MP Paul Dewar in 2007.

Please stop by and make a comment.. it'll start building the numbers!