Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm not environmentally friendly

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CL said...

I guess my comment is this: awareness is a big first step. And then there are the tiny things that you do that you may not think of as proactive, but really are. For example, we use a lot of paper in our lives today. More so now than before the so-called paperless office with the introduction of computers. (HA).

So what do we do? We use the paper for something and when we're done we snip it into little pieces, clip them together, and make phone notes out of them. Or grocery notes. Or the back of the original paper can be used for the toddler to draw on. It still ends up in the recycle box and who knows where that stuff ends up, but at least it gets USED as much as possible.

What about the green bin? Composting? Reusing the water like you said to "fertilize your plants"? That's all GREAT stuff! I carry the stinky dog poop in 'normal' (gasp!) plastic bags back home to deposit in the green bin instead of throwing it in the park garbage, so that it gets composted.

Maybe it helps. I hope to do my part. Sounds like you are too!

And this post is a wonderful reminder to us all.

Miche said...

CL, thanks for your positive comment and support!

I think what's been bugging me is the language of it all. I don't think I could be considered environmentally FRIENDLY until I reduce my global footprint by about ONE THIRD of what it is now. (And it's already less than half of our national average.)

But people with larger footprints than I go about patting themselves on the back about how environmentally FRIENDLY they are. And it cheeses me off.

Sure recycling is a start. Reduction in use to begin with is good too. But none of it is, in my mind, truly FRIENDLY until we're living a sustainable lifestyle.

Maybe I'm picking nits in the semantics of language. *shrug* It's an itch I needed to scratch.

Andrea said...

I agree--I'm not environmentally friendly either.

But just to give your green ego a boost--high-rise buildings aren't all that great, because of the height. You have to pump all the water up all the way to the top floor, for instance, and run elevators etc. They use a lot more energy than the highrise advocates would admit. There are better forms of high-density housing that don't go straight up like that and so have much lower energy footprints--not to mention being more attractive and livable--but they don't get as much press. I think it's a phallic thing. ;)

Anyway. There's nothing wrong with detached housing, and I don't think your house is a mcmansion regardless, so don't guilt yourself too much about that one.

Miche said...

Thanks Andrea! I can always count on you for factual information and common sense.