Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cleaing House

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Tuxedo said...

I read a bit over at Television Without Pity saying that Omar Epps has told the press that he was definitely going to be back in some capacity next year. Perhaps some of the current crop of younger sarcasm-targets will be back next year, but not working for House. I understand that the three actors in question all have long-term contracts, so it's likely they'll stay on somehow.

Me, I'm thinkin' it's stretching it a bit to believe they'd all still be in these subservient roles after three years. Aren't larval doctors supposed to get promoted eventually, go out and terrorize patients and younger doctors on their own?

Miche said...

Thanks for the background info Tuxedo! Very helpful. It seemed rather unlikely that a show would unload three of it's main characters in one season.

Good point about the larval doctors. At least in House, MD they aren't three year interns the way they were on Grey's Anatomy!

Malnurtured Snay said...

There is going to be a spinoff: Apartments, MD.

Not funny, I know.

Miche said...

Snay: HA!