Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Club Penguin

According to this recent Globe and Mail article, clubpenguin.com has emerged as an unlikely Interweb phenomenon. Three fellows from British Columbia launched this social networking site for the preteen set over a year ago.

It's a type of MySpace.com or Facebook.com for eight- to 14-year-olds.

To date, Club Penguin has resisted the temptation to cash in on their success.

Quoting from the Globe and Mail:
"Advertising is a great model for a grown-up world," explained Mr. Merrifield, who has two children of his own. "But I wouldn't want my seven- or eight-year-old being pitched all day long. I wouldn't let my child watch an hour of advertising on TV. So why would I on the Web?"
Very cool. I wonder how long it will last.


KLee said...

This sounds really cute! I'll have to let Offspring know all about it! I'm totally addicted to penguins, so I think it's adorable!

Miche said...

It looks really cute! I hope it stays for a long while... or is replaced by something as kid-centric as this is!

The drawings are so sweet!