Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No Child Without

From the Globe and Mail article "MedicAlert launches child program -- Charity to provide medical bracelets to eligible children aged 4 to 14"
"A Canadian charity is launching a bold new initiative to bolster the safety of an estimated 200,000 schoolchildren who suffer from potentially life-threatening conditions such as asthma, diabetes and peanut allergies."

"The children will be provided with a free MedicAlert bracelet, engraved with key medical information and backed up with access to a detailed electronic medical record and contact information through a 24-hour-a-day hotline."

From the MedicAlert website:
"The No Child Without program is an exciting new program developed to ensure children across Canada from Junior Kindergarten up to the child's 14th birthday with medical conditions, allergies or special needs are protected by the Canadian MedicAlert®
Foundation. There is no cost to the parent, school or Board of Education. "


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