Monday, November 13, 2006

PSA: Tips for parents

And now for a Public Service Announcement (PSA). (With thanks to Andrea Gordon for putting together the original article.)

Dr. Vito Forte, chief of otolaryngology at the Hospital for Sick Children, has a few tips for parents:
  • Don't try to remove something from a child's ear, nose or throat yourself. Chances are, you'll push it in further.
  • Go to a hospital, where you'll have access to a specialist if needed.
  • If you notice discharge or a foul odour coming from your child's nose or ear, or if they complain of pain, have it checked out. They might have stuck something in there.
  • Heed the warnings on toys with small pieces that indicate they aren't recommended for the under-3 set.
  • Watch for tiny button cell batteries found in electronics. They leak alkaline in contact with moisture, and should be treated as a medical emergency.

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