Monday, November 27, 2006

Dressing for winter

The government has put together a website to help folks moving to this fine province. As part of this resource, there's a section on how to dress properly for the cold weather. There's a funky flash animation showing South Park-esque kids freezing. And a PDF file identifying just how many layers you should be wearing at any given thermometer reading.

I grew up just as schools stopped teaching the Imperial system of measurement and started up with the Metric. I was right at that sweet spot where I never really learned either all that well. I know this chart is for newcomers, but I think it's going to come in handy around here!

(Thanks to Nicholas Keung for his article "Winter dressing for beginners" in the Toronto Star.


Mrs. Coulter said...

Are there a lot of purple immigrants in Canada?

Just wonderin'...

Miche said...

Keen observation as always, Mrs. Coulter!